LOG_BITMASK default value

When loading 3.5.1 using the preferred method of loading a different vehicle config and then loading the proper vehicle, a LOG_BITMASK value of 176126 is loaded.
This value is not in the list of LOG_BITMASK values on ArduCopter docs.

What does a value of 176126 log ?

That method is really not the preferred way to achieve default parameters. Use the Reset To Default button or change the SYSID_SW_MREV parameter to zero and reboot.

To see what that bitmask value logs enter it in the Full Parameter list and then go to the Standard Parameters page and see what’s checked.

Apparently it logs WAY too much. I’ve been dealing with my Taranis calling out “Sensor Lost” shortly after arming and then the Flight Deck telemetry on my Taranis X9E locks up until I disarm…

I set the bitmask to 830 (Default) and now every thing works…