Log anonymiser does not work anymore with 4.2 logs

Hi, after a crash with my plane at takeoff, I wanted to create a thread here to ask for help. As I did before with previous releases of MP and Arducopter I used Anon function to provide anonymised log with my message. The Log is created but now I can’t open it. I don’t know if it is due to MP version or Arduplane version. I want to precise that I only used this feature with Arducopter before. I am new to Arduplane so maybe this function is not made for use with Arduplane ?
MP is build 1.3.8110:38294
AP is 4.2 latest
Here is the error message when I try to open it:



i think its working again in beta MP

Thanks for your replies. How can I download Beta of MP ? It seems that my release does not change when I click “Check for Beta Updates” from Help screen.

That’s how you do it and it updated for me. BUT, I will confirm the problem persists.

Problem still persists indeed, is there any alternative or workaround?