LOG analysis needed // failure in AutoMission // circle & crash at waypoint

Dear Arduplane-users,

i had two crashes last days after some flying in AutoMission. Please follow the link to see the LOG from the last flight. It took 40min to find it (see LOG) and it was so frustrating. LOG file last flight

Both times i did a good AutoTakeoff and the Tuffwing headed for first waypoint. Calibration was done for compass (primary: M8N module for GPS+compass; secondary: 3DR M7N for GPS only), airflow sensor (4525DO sensor) and barometer. The plane flies nicely, but i am not an expert and so i also did no specific Autotune flights…

I did a new accel calibration after i changed to another pixhawk orientation inside the plane.

Might be a dirty airflow sensor from a crash before?
WP radius was set from 5m to 15m last time, cause i expected misses.

Any help/suggestions very much appreciated.


“WP radius” is a terrribly named param. It is NOT the acceptance radius of reaching a waypoint. It is a restriction of when you will allow it to turn to the next waypoint. With a radius of 5m you will ALWAYS shoot right though the point and overshoot and then have a sloppy turn to get back onto the track to the next waypoint. I HIGHLY suggest you leave this at a large number such as 40m or 50m. It doesn’t mean it will immediately turn at that radius, the turn is based on the L1 values to give a smooth navigation depending on your speed. Example, if the radius was set to 500m, you wouldn’t instantly hit every waypoint… you would fly towards it and depending on your speed and L1 you’ll do a nice controlled turn from one way-point to the next.

Also, PLEASE do an autotune before an AUTO flight.

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