Log Analysis Education

I would like to become more educated in the review / analysis of my log files. I have looked on YouTube and searched the internet with limited success in finding information regarding log analysis and review.

I have posted a couple of times about EKF and an issued I have that requires me to power cycle my quad before I can arm my quad. I did not receive any input regarding the power cycle issue (not sure why) and very limited response to the EFK issues. So, I obviously need to be more informed and educated regarding log file analysis.

Does anyone have suggestions and / or recommendations regarding education / tutorials on log analysis and review

I think blog posts analysing flights and logs, breaking down the process and what they’re looking out for would be really useful. Essentially case studies. Would be a better way of presenting it rather than a series of steps in the documentation. Maybe something for someone well versed in log analysis?

Yasin, your suggestion of case studies would be a great place to start. Maybe some of the more common stuff. Hopefully some of the experienced people on this forum, time permitting, could put together a case study?

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I think there’s plenty of those “case studies” here in the forum. An excellent contribution would be finding some good ones and making a repository of those threads for folks wanting to learn more about reading logs. Unfortunately the folks that are masters of the craft are quite busy.

I join in too,
it would be useful to be able to read the logs so that we ourselves can come to the possible problem that occurs on our drone … they are already overburdened by a great deal of their work. A tutorial on reading logs should be created in my opinion.

As a starting point, maybe a special category named Log File Tutorials or something like that. How does one get a new category for ArduCopter started? Also, does there need to be such a category for each type of vehicle i.e.: Multicopter, Airplane, Rover, etc.?

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Here is one possible resource I found in one of the posts. The person posting this stated “this is were non-experts can provide comments”.

If anyone else finds some good reference material on this forum, or other forum, lets start posting them here as temporary repository for Log Analysis and Education. Maybe at some point it could be moved to its own topic.

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We used to have separate categories for log analysis but merged them into the main vehicle areas.
Some people liked it separate and some people did not because it lead to duplication.
Best to continue posting into the vehicle categories.