Locking Roll and Pitch autotune

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Just want to confirm that if I lock the Roll and Pitch axis during Autotune does that mean that if I for example only do roll axis that same values will be used from both roll and pitch?

Auto Tune will override that and you will have to set them the same and lock them after running it if that’s what you want. You can see this action for yourself in the Extended Tuning screen. Make a change to one PID value Write it and hit Refresh. All that will happen is the Lock box will be unchecked.

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I did an Autotune today and found that the roll PID’s worked better for the pitch PIDS that what autone programmed.

So basically after autone the Roll PID’s I needs to be copied over to the Pitch PID’s and then I have to select the lock?

If you’re manually setting the values for pitch or roll then you don’t need to worry about the lock button. Just set and forget. Using the lock will just mean if you change one of the values in the future it will change both the pitch and the roll.

But I don’t see it doing this. The checkbox seems to me to be just an indicator that they are equal. You can change a PID value and write it, then refresh. It will be unchecked. If you then check it write it and refresh it does not set the other axis to the change it just unchecks the box.

Perhaps I have been missing something for quite a long time but I see this “feature” as being non active. Or IOW useless.

Agreed. I’ve yet to have one where the final tune was equal in pitch and roll, even if I copied values form one or the other to get things moving along.