Locking prop in foreward flight idea

From the many onboard vids of VTOL lift motors during forward flight, it seems the props often come to rest across the airflow. This idea just came to me. The grey part is pushed toward the keyed disk during forward flight, locking the prop aligned to airflow. The groove is not deep enough to stop the motor when power is applied.
During hover flight the downward flow will keep the part away and clear. Its just the first drawing and needs refinement.
The problem is, the prop may not windmill into position. Any ideas how to pulse the ESC for a few seconds after motor goes to idle?

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You have an interesting design. The problem with ESCs is that the minimum speed is probably too fast for what you are trying to achieve. In case you have not seen it yet there is now a locking motor link. I personally don’t know how they achieve it but I have a feeling it is with a passive mechanism.

They are doing it with magnets. Placing those under the motor stator…

This is not a good idea from a safety point of view.
If you really want locking motors, T-motor did it.