Locking a UAV onto a fixed point using a camera

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I need help.

Im currently using an X8 platform on the Pixhawk 2.1 with a fixed camera ( looks forward & Slightly to the ground). What I want to achieve is the ability to lock onto a static object which in turn keeps the UAV nose pointing at the object, until I command it otherwise. Maybe a neewb question but any help is appreciated.

currently using Mission planner

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We’re going to need more detail to understand what you’re hoping to do.

By “X8” platform, do you mean a multi-rotor? (I think either an “octocopter” with 8 arms, or a 4-arm multi-rotor with 2 propellers per arm might be called an “X8”) Or do you mean a fixed-wing, as in the SkyWalker X8?

What do you mean “lock on to a static object”? Are you hoping to use computer vision to recognize the object from video footage? (That may be a hard problem itself, depending on the object’s specifics)

Hi Hunt0r,

Its an Octocopter or 8 motor 4 arm Multi-rotor.

In regards to what I am trying to achieve is this ;

Whilst in flight, I would like to choose an object on the ground and then lock the UAV in position so it keeps the front of the platform looking at the object

I am not a Copter user, so someone else may be of more help to you.

The easy part will be to “lock the UAV in position” as I think this is just putting it into Loiter mode. You might also consider “Brake” mode or “PosHold” as I don’t know what those do.

The hard part seems to be “choosing an object.” I don’t know what you want, here. Do you intend to have a human watching the video-feed from the camera, and then sending the command to Loiter? (easy) Or do you want some onboard software to analyze the video feed, detect an object, and decide to send the Loiter command to the Copter?

You might get better attention in the Mission Planner forum.
What you are after is ROI (Region Of Interest)
I believe there is active discussions going on at the moment about this.

@TheFlyingWelshman take a look at this blog, it is tracking an object (Red Balloon) using a companion computer. You could certainly experiment based on this setup and using more advanced openCV object trackers.