Lock pitch and roll PID values checkbox Disabled

Hi @rmackay9
I would like to hear your expertise,

I upgraded my copter from 3.6.2 to 4.2.2 using mRo pixracer.
Unfortunately, by the time I tried to fly, I saw some weird behavior (High vibration on pitch and roll)
I saw such behavior twice. then I checked my PID tab and I found on the mission planner that Lock pitch and roll PID values are disabled and I’m not able to enable or change any PID value beyond of that I could not write Params as well via the Extended tuning tab.

  1. does such behavior caused by that?
  2. If not what could be the cause?

Thank you!

as shown below:

flight log:
00000129.BIN (664 KB)

Hi @M.Olivier,

The “Lock Pitch and Roll Values” checkbox if a UI only feature and just means that if any of the roll values are changed the corresponding pitch values are also changed (and vice versa).

I’m not aware of any parameter name changes that would affect this screen so my advice is just:

  • make sure MP is connected to the vehicle (via telemetry or USB cable)
  • don’t forget to push the “Write Params” button after making changes

You’ve probably done the above two but just in case.