Location info without arming


Is it possible to print the location info without arming the vehicle somehow?
I read this:
This is accessed through the Vehicle.location attribute:

print “Local Location: %s” % vehicle.location.local_frame

This location will not start to update until the vehicle is armed.

I also tried and got back
even according the GPS info 14 SATs are visible

GPSInfo GPSInfo:fix=3,num_sat=14
GPSInfo eph 75
GPSInfo epv 111

this were used:
print(‘GPSInfo %s’%vehicle.gps_0)
print(‘GPSInfo eph %d’%vehicle.gps_0.eph)
print(‘GPSInfo epv %d’%vehicle.gps_0.epv)
print(‘location %s’%vehicle.location.global_frame)
print(‘location %s’%vehicle.location.local_frame)

Thanks for your help in advance,


Hi Guys,

I have to revoke my question.
I made a mistake. This measure was done with PX4. With Ardupilot it is fine.