Loading tlog files into APM Mission Planner 2.0

I have built sitl and then run sim_vehicle.sh and got some tlog files which I want to inspect using APM Mission Planner. According to copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … etry-logs/, there should be tabs named Quick, Actions, Gauges, Status and Telemetry logs, among others, on the Flight Data page. I have only these: Quick, Actions, Status, Messages.

How can I load tlog files into my APM Mission Planner?

You go to the Graphs View on the toolbar and select the ‘load log’ button bottom

Thank you, but this doesn’t solve the problem for me. When I follow your suggestion, apmplanner2 crashes when I try to navigate into the directory where the log files are (at the moment when I click at a directory icon in the file browser). In the terminal where the program is started, the last messages are these:

QSpiAccessible::accessibleEvent not handled: “8008” obj: QObject(0x0) " invalid interface!"
Interface is not valid
ASSERT failure in : “Got an update for an invalid inteface. Investigate this.”, file atspiadaptor.cpp, line 899

I have Ubuntu 12.

Try building APM Planner 2.0 from the source code. We support only 14.04LTS directly with a binary.