Loading parameters and network retries

I have made this request before, but got no answers, so I’ll re-phrase my question and try again:

Is there some way MP could reconnect without loading the parameters list? I realize the “danger” of using an outdated list, but in virtually all cases, only a few items change for each flier (mission count, etc). If the basic list for each ID could be loaded from disk, it would save a lot of time. A “change bit” stored in the FC could be used to indicate that some item had been changed, and upon connect, if the change bit was clear, the parameters could be loaded locally.

And this leads to my second question: If I use a 915Mhz radio for telemetry, and the signal fades, MP sits and waits patiently for the signal to return. But if I use a network for connection to the “flyer”, and that network connection gets broken, MP will not attempt to re-connect. If I manually initiate the re-connect, MP does the job, but then it reloads all the parameters, something I really don’t want it to do while the craft is in the air.

So, I would really like if MP had two new options: #1. To not load the parameter list on every connect (and grab them from a disk file instead) and #2. automatically retry a broken network connection every few seconds.

If there isn’t enough general need for these features, I would pay for someone to modify MP to incorporate these items. Please PM me if you are interested.

You need to reconnect only if you use TCP for connecting via network.
If you use UDP then you will have the same behavior that you have with a telemetry radio.

If you use VPN then try Zerotier, it has a very special UDP hole punching method which gives you far better performance than a common VPN.