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Load scripts trought terminal using APM planner

(Selmasokic Sokic) #1

I am new in using APM planner, Linux and python scripts. I would like to run python scrips to add waypoints in APM planner. I would like to do that through terminal. I was looking for thin on the google, but I could not find the way to do that. Is there any possible way to do that.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me.


(Arne Wischmann) #2

AFAIK it is not possible cause there is no API for python.

(Selmasokic Sokic) #3

Thank you on you response. So you are trying to tell me, that there is no way to load script in APM Planner. I am asking this because I would like to try that trough APM Planner instead of Mission Planner. Mission Planner supports scripts.