Live Situation Awareness of Drone

I want to see how the pilot is flying the drone and what is the current status of drone i.e. all the live data related to drone. Where can I find this?

All depends on how you set it up. You have lots of choices.

  • Telemetry data can be transmitted by dedicated radio to your ground software on a laptop or tablet.
  • Telemetry data can be transmitted over many RC radio links to be displayed on your controller.
  • Telemetry data can be overlaid on a video image sent from the drone. Often used for FPV.

The Ardpilot wiki has plenty of information on these topics.

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Well, you would get all necessary information i.e. Live Situation Updates of your drones, remotely.

You can see where all drones are flying and their current flying situation. Also you can replay any flights from past for minor observations and detailing.

AeroGCS : Simplest Drone Management Software with end to end Security - YouTube

AeroGCS Enterprise - AeroGCS (