Live Compass calibration problem

Hello the Question i have is that i just got a new gps and external compass unit … the problem i am having with the device is when i try live calibration its only maybe getting 3 to 14 data units and its even takes some time to get that high… i have tried it on a couple of my other apm2.6 . still the same… in flight data getting mag field problem showing up… Is the external compass part of the unit fried ? the gps is getting a lock still.
Thanks for any help

Sorry I meant to say 3 to 14 samples

Make sure you have the latest mission planner and firmware. I think the latest MP is .16. This is where a lot of confusion can start from. When you start the compass calibration grab the quad and stand up pointing North. Doesn’t have to be dead on but in the general direction. Rotate the quad about the pitch axis in place one time. Turn 90 degrees to the left or right it doesn’t matter and rotate it about the roll axis one time. This should quickly grab all the white dots needed and with the new firmware it usually says its complete before I can finish those steps. Hope this helps. Cheers

Thanks for the reply : Ended up to be the compass module was the problem in the end .I first tested it on each of my other three apm boards and it did the same thing. :unamused: … Soon as i soldered in a new unit and went back and did a calibration everything worked great.
Again thanks