Live calabration fail

Error #99 I have bem trying to get working for weeks. Any Ideas?

Not too much information here. … but I guess you’re trying to do the compass calibration using:

  • recent version of mission planner
  • pixhawk running Copter-3.4.3 or Copter-3.4.4

If you’re using an older version of ardupilot can you upgrade to the latest (Copter-3.4.4)?
Also please go to the Mission Planner’s “Help” screen and push the “Check for Updates” button?

After that’s all updated, can you try to do the “onboard calibration” as described here?

If it fails, change the “Fitness” drop-down to “Relaxed” and try again.

Hope that helps.

“Fitness” is in what place? In Mission Planner.
Thank you