Little help needed for my first arducopter setup on a Blade 450

Hi all,
I just finished installing arducopter on my Blade 450 3D with a flybar.Flight controller is omnibusF4V3Pro and everything is working as it should including throttle interlock,GPS etc.Swash plate and all controls are moving as per the wiki.

This blade 450 was flying fine prior to switching over to arducopter.So swash plate is levelled,linkages swash plate movements were all set up right before.

Now i didn’t understand these settings properly:
“Setting Collective Pitch Range and Zero Thrust Point”
" Setting Maximum Cyclic Pitch"
When i flip the interlock switch,motor starts spinning at a constant speed.Is it a normal behavior?I have not set up any governor.Esc is castle creations Talon 35A which has heli functions but i have not touched its settings yet.Before i install my rotor blades,i would like to get suggestion from you guys.

I am also thinking to install training gear just for safety during a maiden. Thanks.