Little abstract for here2 can configuration with ardurover 4.0.0

Hi everyone,

I think it would be useful to explain how to configure an here2 GPS in can mode with ardurover 4.0.0, especially for compass.

With this version of ardurover, the here2 in CAN mode must be connected in what port of the pixhawk cube ? CAN1, CAN2, whatever ?

The here2 appears to be the second, third compass ? I saw in 2019 that here2 was detected as third compass and was not possible to use it as a primary compass. is it always true with ardurover 4.0.0 ?

when we have some compass variance, what is your advice ? deactivate internal compass and activate the one into Here2 ?

it wil be very helpful to know more about that !

thank you.

can anyone help for that please ? many thanks !