List of mavlink-based camera models

Hello, this is my first post on this site. I have started to become interested in drones using openVC. I came across the Mavlink protocol. Can I get a list somewhere of camera models to buy that support the mavlink protocol? I’ve been trying to find something in a larger range, but haven’t found anything beyond single models.

I’d suggest doing more research on the mavlink camera protocol first, and see whether the features you think you want are actually implemented.

I’ve been reading regarding the mavlink camera protocol and I think it would do exactly what I want. Especially since I already have an autopilot with ardupilot and plan to buy a Raspberry PI 4.

Can you point to where that camera protocol is implemented by ArduPilot or MissionPlanner? Is it mentioned in the ArduPilot wiki?

Forgive me for the inaccuracy - I missed one thing. I would like to program something in Companion Computer. Since the mavlink library would be used in Companion Computer, I was thinking of reusing it since it would be used anyway. Does this make sense what I want to do, or not really?

in addition, when opening this post I also was suggested by this thread, especially the last three posts: