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The Pixhawk manual suggests that there should be a version of APM Planner for Linux but there’s none on the download page. Was this just forgotten?

It’s coming… we are working on instructions to build your own, and once we have that working we will add automatic build for debian based release.

Thanks to Stephen Dade for his efforts on making this happen… watch this space :wink:

I would suggest using Opensuse build service. It’s relatively straightforward to set up and can automatically create binary packages for practically all relevant distros.

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I’m looking forward to the Linux version being easily installed too.
Until then, I will just test it out on Windows.

Thanks for the great work.

looking forward to an .deb package, and /or , if possible, a repository…

Andrew-K, the code repository is available at

Andrew-K, the code repository is available at[/quote]

Sorry, what I meant was apt-repository , a source for the compiled application that can be added, and then keep the application updated automagically.

We are moving to an easier installation on linux (downloadable .deb file). We are not yet at the apt-get install level (this would require being part of the ubuntu release). but I’m sure we can look at being a PPA for ubuntu in the future

Please keep in mind that Linux != Debian/Ubuntu! There’s many other distributions which don’t use .deb files.
As I wrote, using the Opensuse Build service would be the best solution as this automatically builds binary packages for all major distributions and provides repositories which can be easily integrated in the repspective package managers.

I have a working OSBS account and if some developer would be volunteering to help me, I would be happy to create a repo for APM-Planner2.

Thanks Stefan, any help in creating builds for all linux distros is welcome. We are just focusing on Debian based linux build first, and with that, it should be easier to build for all.

The cool thing with OSBS is that you don’t have to know the platform specifics. You create a control file which contains dependencies and make peculiarities and OSBS does the rest complete automatic, including pulling the source from an external git. All the distro-specific stuff is handled by OSBS internally. Manual tuning is only rarely needed.

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how long till Linux version is out among the daily builds ?

Stefan has offered to help setup OSBS, but he is already doing the work of several guys. I have offered to help, and I am also up to my eyes in it :wink:… If you know anybody who has the skills to setup a build server, i’m sure Stefan and I can help with the process.

Otherwise it may take a little more time than we like, but we will get to it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bill

Bill, check the dev list… :slight_smile:

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billbonney: While I never set up a build server before, I have a decent DellT420 server at my storage/workshop (for my business) It’s running Ubuntu 13.10 server and have 50Mbit symmetric internet connection. If that could be used to to the job …

Currently the big showstopper for me, is that I had no luck compiling current source on Ubuntu Desktop, there are error messages - I mentioned that in another thread.
Otherwise I could easily use cron to pull, make, and publish, daily builds.

If I get a solution to this: viewtopic.php?f=82&t=5509
I can provide people with ready-to-use builds for Linux.

[quote=“Andre-K”]If I get a solution to this: viewtopic.php?f=82&t=5509
I can provide people with ready-to-use builds for Linux.[/quote]
For all Linux distributions and versions? You do realize that - what I already posted - Linux != Ubuntu… There’s many distributions and flavors out there and the goal (and the reason to use a build server) is to provide packages for as many as possible.

yes, well, sorry about that - I am very aware of that what I can do/suggested, it do to builds for *buntu and some debian based distros. Still, that would be beter than nothing “for now”. :slight_smile:

I see your point but I think, it’s more beneficial to use the resources to find a solution to benefit as may Linux users as possible at the same time instead of just a part of them :slight_smile:. If you have experience with developing and building on Linux, you are very welcome to join the developer mailing list and help us get the automatic build at OSBS to work :slight_smile:.

Unfortunatly, while I did build quite a lot of different stuff on “Linux” - I have only did so for one distribution at a time. And, as mentioned before, while I have trouble compiling current APM Planner, - I don’t think I am the guy you want, since you are out for an expert that can do all kind of packages at once.
Surely, I hope there will be a solution to that soon - from what I see from the source, APM planner 2 looks great ! , also I think the way of visualizing logs is very promising and intuitive (I have yet to see that core run tho)