Linpowave VJ1000 - 50m Obstacle avoidance sensor

Detect power line away from 50 meters.

  1. Frequency range

² 60.0 ~ 64.0 GHz

  1. Range range (m)

² 0.5m ~ 50m

  1. Resolution (m)

² 0.23m

  1. accuracy (m)

² 0.1m

  1. Applicable speed range (m/s)

² ±30 (m/s)

  1. Field of view angle FOV (


² ± 45° (Customizable)

  1. Data refresh rate (Hz)

² 20Hz (customizable)

  1. Power supply

² 5V DC Power Supply

  1. Communication interface

²TTL communication

  1. Power consumption

Average ² power consumption: less than 3W

² peak power consumption: 5W

  1. Working environment

² -40℃ ~ + 85℃, working humidity of 5% ~ 90% RH, no condensation

  1. Product weight

² 60±2g

  1. Product size

² 95.6 X 77.2 X 17.3mm

  1. Maximum number of tracked targets

² 24

  1. Storage environment

² -40℃ ~ 105℃, the humidity is less than 90


Please provide a link to the product page and describe how to integrate it with ArduPilot software.

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What @amilcarlucas said plus price and availability please, otherwise its just spam.

.23m resolution and .1m accuracy? Yea, OK :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We are integrating it with ArduPilot software .when Integration is over and we will be open up. VJ1000

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Price and availability are still missing. I have corrected the title now.

I was told price is around 100 USD, give or take.

You guessed it too accurately. Is it worth the price?

send me one to test once you have an ArduCopter device driver, and I’ll answer you :slight_smile: