Link percentage not 100%

@Michael_Oborne I am using data radio for CUAV v5+ on telemetry port 1 and ground radio accessing telemetry1 data by UDP port .the air radio and ground radio separated by about 20m distance but still mission planner showing RSSI is around 80-90%.
BUT when i look at the data radio webpage to see link quality its shows 100% between them.
i asked radio manufacture for this ,they said there is something wrong with UDP packet reading in the mission planner.

what radio?

and do you have a sample tlog?
Here is the tlog file

And the radio is Taisync vilunx pro Modules - Long-range wireless video/telemetry/RC 3-in-1 Combo link

there is most definitly packet loss in that log.

the graph should show only 1’s
anything higher than a 1 means packets have been dropped.

This is radio issue ?

from what i can tell yes.


i have tested same radio with Qgcs and seen there is no loss in the radio . i have attached video reference

can you test the latest beta MP?

nice latest beta working perfectly .Thank you @Michael_Oborne