Linear servos bottom out on AP power-up

Building a large skid-steer mower rover with 2 Robotzone linear servos for the control sticks using a Pixhawk4 AP, Spectrum DX8 R/C and Mission Planner on the PC.

Immediately upon rover power-up, both linear servos move to full reverse, past their set travel limits, and lock hard on the stops. No other servos are affected. Once the Pixhawk4 safety switch is pushed, they immediately move to the neutral position as desired and function normally. How can I get them not to go full reverse on initial power up? Any ideas besides another manual switch so I can give them power after the AP is up and the safety switch is pushed? Thanks in advance!

You could tell those outputs to ignore the safety switch using BRD_SAFETY_MASK. They might still move abit while AP boots up, but hopefully not much.

Thanks Peter. Did just that and they still bottom out but don’t stay there long. I can live with that.