Limited servo rotation

im trying to build an antenna tracker using pixhawk 2.4.8 with mg995 metal gear servos but even though im using 270-degree servos, im unable to get full range of motion in testing (extended tuning tab).its restricted to mostly 45 degrees on each is what i tried to do
1)push the safety switch.
2) Extend the tuning tab, go to testing and move the slides left and right, hit test (not moving completely with only limited range of motion).
3) tested with an Arduino and got the full range of motion.
4)tried again with a different pixhawk but no use.
please suggest what i should do.

Those servos need a 500-2500 signal to get full rotation.

Get a servo range expander, that will convert the range 900-2100 to 500-2500.

Isn’t there any alternative for that cant i adjust these in the full parameter list

As far as I know its hard coded so you need the expander.

In previous versions of tracker, you could enter lower/higher servo pwm limits in the full parameter list. There was a warning, because the values were out of range, but it worked just fine.

I have tried that before on rovers and it didnt work, is antenna tracker output different?

in Mandatory Hardware, Servo Output, set the first two servos which are used for yaw and pitch MIN and MAX to 800 and 2200, set same in the Antenna tracker tab for yaw and pitch servo. does that give you more range?

No im not getting more motion even if i try to force it the value updated to 500 but range of motion does not improve