LIM_PITCH_MIN - clarification needed

In Mission Planner there is the LIM_PITCH_MIN described as “The minimum commanded pitch down angle.”

I understand this that if I set it to 20 then the plane will dive at a minimum of 20 degrees unless a steeper decent is needed based on the height difference between 2 way points.

This seems to contradict the TECS_SINK_MAX definition “This sets the maximum descent rate that the controller will use. If this value is too large, the aircraft will reach the pitch angle limit first and be unable to achieve the descent rate. This should be set to a value that can be achieved at the lower pitch angle limit.”

Basically, I want to limit any dive to 25 degrees maximum.

There is no contradiction , if you set the LIM_PITCH_MIN to 20 even if the TECS_SINK_MAX request a greater angle the LIM_PITCH_MIN will limit it to 20 and will not allow the required descent rate.

Set LIM_PITCH_MIN to 25 to dive at maximum 25°

Then Pitch Max and Pitch Min should be Pitch Up Max and Pitch Down Max.

And I guess the 25 down I want should be -25.