Lightweight custom radio and control

Hey all! I’m an amateur radio operator, and our license allows us to use up to 1W of power to control RC vehicles, and up to 1500W for most other transmissions.
My question is if there are any ways to implement a lightweight terminal protocol? I can handle all the actual radio stuff, but I’m not 100% sure how I’d go about interfacing my radio terminal with the FC and GCS.
I’d also really like to be able to control the vehicle directly over a terminal interface, but that’s more of a wishlist thing.
Do any of you have any advice on this situation?

Right! I’ve done a bit more reading and gathered that MAVLink is just a regular serial connection, so that should be easy to setup. It’s my understanding that if I create a serial pipe between a port on my computer and a module on the vehicle, I’ll have full telemetry and RC?

YEs, use pymavlink to generate code to read and write MAVLink packets. Or use pymavlink to directly read and write the packets for you.

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Hey, appreciate the reply! Just thought I’d check: pymavlink is a tool that mission planner or the like connects to, and then it gives me a serial device to connect to? Or am I entirely missing the point?

pymavlink is a software that generate source code in multiple languages C, C++, java, javascrit, rby, php etc
That generated source code can talk mavlink and you can use it.

Or if you program in python, you can use pamavlink as a library to talk mavlink.

Reading the documentation will help you more.

Ah, gotcha! Thanks again. That should give me all I need! Have a good one.