Lightware SF30/B Lidar connection settings on pixhawk 2.1

Hi, I am interested in finding out if there is anyone who has managed to get the lightware lidar 30/b connected and functioning on their pix cube? If so how did you connect it and what were your settings?

Hmm, I am sensing there may not be an easy solution.

Another question; is there a device that will take in the Lidar serial communications and then output to the required format for Pixhawk cube. Some sort of serial converter? By the way I am almost 100% certain I have all the parameters set correctly.

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For exemple with a SF11

  • connect it to Telem2 port of your PX2.1 (serial2) and take care of respecting the wires order. You need 4 wires (GND, Rx, Tx,+5v // see the PX2.1 documentation)
  • Change some settings in mission planner :
    SERIAL2_BAUD = 19200
    RNGFND_TYPE = 8 (LightWareSerial)
    RNGFND_MAX_CM = 2500 (for SF10A), 5000 (for SF10B), 10000 (for SF10C) or 12000 (for SF11C). This is the distance in centimeters that the rangefinder can reliably read. The value depends on the model of the lidar.
    RNGFND_GNDCLEAR = 10 or more accurately the distance in centimetres from the range finder to the ground when the vehicle is landed. This value depends on how you have mounted the rangefinder.

Hi Julien,

Thanks for posting. I have actually tried all the serial ports apart from telem2 just because I have already used that port for my telemetry. It is working and that is something I don’t want to play with.

Unfortunately, I have been advised by lightware that the SF30B is not compatible with Pixhawk 2.1.
I am currently attempting to get an exchange.


Suggest them to put this info on the product page with large font :wink:

I agree.
I am still unsure if they are going to allow an exchange.

It has an analog mode, which whilst not ideal, if you’re stuck with the sensor will at least make it useable.

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