Lightware SF22c problem's

Hi,is any one have any problems connecting the Lightware SF22c to cube orange,ive got the SF22c talking to the Lightware studio and it is giving out log readouts,I cannot get it to connect to my pixhawk ive got a good 5v connected to it and have tried changing the tx and rx leads around and no difference I think it is a driver issue as its showing a zebra cdc driver in device manager,my SF11c works perfectly on the same pixhawk orange,many thank’s in advance

Hi are any of the developers working with the SF22c to create a driver for it to work with ardu[ilot,I no you are all busy people and would be nice if some one could shine a light on this,many thank;s to all the Dev;s for there hard work

times 2. I can’t get the Lightware SF22/C LIDAR to connect either. I, too, confirmed that it functions with the Lightware Studio configuration software. I’ve tried both UART serial and the I2C connections. With the UART option, I got no readings. With the I2C connection, I get a single fixed unchanging nonphysical number. I only see now that the SF22/C may not yet be incorporated into arducopter. Bummer, but thanks @MartyMcFly for posting your woes so at least I know I’m not alone.