Lightware SF10/C and Pixhawk

Hello all.

I’ve connected a Lightware SF10/c to my pixhawk serial 4/5 port as the instructions here show:…re-sf10-lidar/

My SonarRange is flat on 0. I can see that the unit is powered up because I can see the dot on the floor with a digital camera.

I’m new to pixhawk/apm world so I’m not really sure how to troubleshoot. I’ve double checked the wiring.

I currently am running firmware 3.3.2.

Thank you

Hi RIGeek, Have you managed to solve this issue?

It would be good to know if you have and what your problem/solution was so that we can improve the wiki instructions.

I did. It was the firmware version. I am now using the beta and that seems to have all the support I needed to detect the sensor. I’ve still not flown the craft but I’ve just been too busy to finish it off.