Light hand-held GCS design, all feedback are welcome

I would like to avoid double posting, so here is the original entry:
Although this is primarily an FPV and/or payload controller, we are also working on a light version of our rugged all-in-one telemetry station originally presented here:
RHH 10
Your input is very much welcome so we can make this framework into a kit with a wide appeal to both DIY-ers and pros.


Looks good at the outside, but need a glimpse to inside for assessing quality… :smiley:

I’ll post some images of the entrails when they are way closer to final. We mount all internal components on a G10 board and we use the same material for the internal support frame. The overall internal look mainly depends on how much of the RC TX electronics can go to a single PCB together with most of the switches eventually, hence this call for ideas on a more generic design.
Unfortunately, since this is supposed to be a customisable unit we’ll probably have to leave room for that by using daughterboards and connectorised switches. However, if people can guide us to a fixed set of core functions that would be general, only the add-on switches would need discrete wiring or connector boards. This is our er9x compatible RC board when it has to be fully flexible with all the switches and other controls…

Thanks guys for all the help and especially the dozens of PMs and e-mails I’ve received so far on this project. I’ve just realised that most people who give some serious thought to these types of efforts don’t necessarily want/need their opinions out in public due to the possible mudslinging that internet debates sometimes create. I’m going to compile all the feasible mods, options and additional features that we came up with together, and I’ll post them when we’re ready. The 10" telemetry LT version is also coming along nicely, and I’ll let you know…

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