Light camera selection for recording only (no FPV)

Hi everyone,
I’d like to put a camera on my small foam plane (1m wingspan and 900gr).
I just want to record the footage, I don’t need any FPV feature or send the signal on ground.

Any advice on something really lightweight and of decent quality?


Google Runcam Action Camera.

I would personally avoid a camera with an internal non-removable battery.

The think the Runcam Thumb Pro is likely a good option.

I have the older version. I haven’t actually used it much but I really like I don’t have to worry about the battery getting old in it.

I’m far from an expert so don’t put a lot of weight in my recommendation.

Thanks both.
the Runcam Action camera seems big and heavy for my application
The RunCam seems really nice. Super small and super light. I also like it has no battery, but it’s not cheap at all.

Do you know something like the RunCam but cheaper? I really don’t need 4K and super stabilized video

Compared to a GoPro it is. :grinning:

I saw a camera called “Hawkeye Thumb 4K Naked” which looks similar to the RunCam Thumb. I think it’s less expensive.
Many of us still have Mobius cameras of various styles. I think some of the Mobius cameras are less expensive than the RunCam.
I think this $42 keychain camera is a rebranded early Mobius camera.

Of course if you search for “action camera” you’ll find all sorts of cameras for as low as $25. I’m not sure I’d trust some of the cheap ones but if you do, I hope you report back to let us know how well they work.

The Mobius cameras have internal batteries but they’re very easy to open up and replace the batteries. If you get a camera with an internal battery, I suggest you get one which is easy to open.

I have a Go 2 camera with a dead battery. It was crazy hard to open. I’ll have to 3D print some sort of case since the original case looks like a used sardine can now.

While I’m ranting about internal batteries, I’ll mention Foxeer’s Box2 camera. It had a metal case which required a lot of destruction to open.

Good luck with your search. Again, I hope you let us know what you think of whichever camera you purchase.

Found a nice comparison video between the runCam thumb and the hawkeye thumb

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Bought at the end the runcam thumb. Seemed to be the best value for money after watching some videos around