LidarLite V3 via PWM not working on latest firmwares

I have a Pixhawk 1 with a LidarLite V3 connected using PWM. It is working in Arducopter V3.6.3 and Arduplane V3.9.2. However, it is not working in the latest versions of both firmwares: Arducopter 3.6.9 nor Arduplane V3.9.8
I’m not changing any parameters or physical hardware, I’m just testing different firmwares.

I would appreciate any pointers on what I might need to change in the firmware code for it to work.



Hi @Javiercerna,
To my knowledge, ArduCopter can use both OS : NuttX and ChibiOS.
But with the latest version, NuttX is not anymore deployed. And I know that ChibiOS doesn’t include LidarLite V3 with PWM (but only with I2C).
So you have the choice to change from PWM to I2C (not really complicated, hard and soft), or to keep a version that is still using NuttX (and wait that ChibiOS is compatible with PWM for lidars)

When this is true, could you or somebody else please add this to Wiki? I also could not make it work via PWM. If I knew before, it would have saved 5 hours of my life and working time and I would be much less unhappy now :slight_smile: