Lidar Updates for Airplane

I have been playing with lidars on copters and had some success. I was interested to see if and when the same obstacle avoidance would be configured into the airplane side. It would be cool to use one facing forward and one facing down to follow the terrain super low.

Thanks In Advance

There are bunch of Lidar options available.

Benewake make some for various ranges.

Just remember, benewake only supports serial on Ardupilot FC.

TFMini PLUS can be connected with I2C. It need to be programmed to go into this mode using the serial GUI or other terminal software

Thanks for the reply guys! I understand the many options that will work for the fc. I was interested to see if there are updates to allow for using the lidar facing forward. I believe for the airplane wiki there’s a note saying only downward facing lidar is only supported in plane.