LiDAR TF02 Pixhawk Radiolink Serial clash

Good day,

I did the setup as instructed on and everything works perfectly but only while the USB is connected to the pixhawk.

As soon as I disconnect the USB to power everything from the battery then the SE100 GPS does not go on nor the PW_Link and the TF02 is also dead. As soon as I power off and disconnect the LiDAR then the GPS and PW link works again.
Could it be a serial clash as I did change it from serial 4 to serial 5 to check but it works on both as long as the USB is pluged in. Maybe the lidar draws too much power from the pixhawk power supply?

I have identified the problem, it seams that my Pixhawk Radiolink is not supplying enough voltage and current to power the TF02 with the telemetry radio and the GPS connected to it. I made up a separate power cable tor the TF02 whereby the positive and negative is connected to a 5v BEC and only the negative, TX and RX connected to the pixhawk through Serial 4/5. Now everything works as it should. I will be sending the radio link board back as I received a faulty one by the looks of it.