LIDAR not detected with Cube Orange

Hi All,
I am using a cube orange and I want to use a couple of LIDARs for object avoidance. So I have been trying to integrate the two LIDARs that I have (Benewake Luna and the TF03) with no luck.
Both of these sensors have UART connectors. However on connecting the sensors to the Telemetry or GPS ports(serial ports) as per the correct pin diagram I still have no results.
I have tried reversing the Tx Rx but nothing happened. Can someone please let me know where I am going wrong??

Hi @Corrado_Steri,
Thanks for your prompt reply, I appreciate it. Though I had already performed the steps mentioned in the link given by you, I double checked just to make sure. Still nothing.
Let me know if you or someone else knows of any other workarounds.

Good day,
can you share the parameters you have set pls?
Aside it, i suggest provide with an alternative power source your lidars.

Seems like on some of those Benewakes you have to use their software, connect with a usb to 3v uart adapter and click a checkbox “pix mode” allows use on a pixhawk.

checking their website it says it should no longer be necessary but maybe worth a try?

Update: It works perfectly now.

@Corrado_Steri, the link that you sent is spot on. The only difference is I consulted the benewake documentation and it confused me with the pins. So it was a goof up on my part with the correct pins between the cube orange and the LIDAR. Sorry :sweat:

@Dave84, yes I do supply power to the bigger one but for the smaller one(benewake Luna) is it also advisable? I ask because if yes then I’ll have to take the quadcopter apart and rewire things.

@Derek Thanks for your input, seems my concentration was the problem. :laughing:

Thanks everyone who suggested ways to make it work.
Cheers. :grinning:

i suggest provide different power source for the periphs…like rangefinders… telemetry… etc. Just in case you don’t want more ubec… split the VCC cable and check if the voltage is stable with a multimeter

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