Lidar Lite v2 with the Pixhawk

Hello! A group of us students are trying to do precision landing on IRIS+ with the IR-Lock Sensor and Mark One Beacon.
We realized that we needed a range finder to make this work, so we tried to wire up the available Lidar Lite v2 through
PX4 PWM, but we are getting errors of “Bad LiDAR Health” and we see 0 values for sonar range and sonar voltage.
We also can’t see the parameter RNGFND_LANDING on mission planner.
Our version of ArduCopter is 3.4.6 (latest).

We would appreciate any comments on how we could debug issues!
Is there chance that since LiDAR Lite v2 is discontinued that it doesn’t work anymore?

Much Thanks in Advance!!


On a related note, we can’t click the ‘enable’ button for the sonar range finder option as can be seen in the image.


I have the same issue. Have you found a solution?

I think you have to follow the wiki here (section “Connecting to Pixhawk via PWM”):