LF Low Cost Ardupilot FC for Mesh Whoop Drones Project

Looking for a low cost Flight controller for a mesh project. Also want to include GPS.

I know a lot about ESP32/Arduino programming.

I want 5 to start with and I have been researching different F4 FC’s with AIO or just standalong.

I want to 3d print the frame

I am willing to buy a PCB if something is available on EasyEDA with a BOM and make them myself if that is an option as well, like an omnibus f4 clone.

Im looking to make it around 60$ or less a drone.

any suggestions would be helpful as I am new to this.

I flashed the Racestar F4 starF4s as it’s just an omnibusF4 clone with arducopter and it worked fine!

so now I am looking to see which hardware would make this project simple and not costly.