Lenovo A5500F works w/Droidplanner but not DP2

ok, I dont know if I need to delete droidplanner before I download DP2 from the Google Play store but as soon I download DP2 & try to open it I get the, “unfortunate” message. It does not even open for a second. Did I get the wrong tablet? I bought it from bestbuy & they said I can return it if I dont like it so if I have to I can get the Google Nexus 7 which at bestbuy is NEXUS 7 ASUS-1B32 SKU: 7973091.


Just an update on the Lenovo from Bestbuy http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-a8-50-tablet-16gb-navy-blue/6071116.p?id=1219184622865&skuId=6071116&st=lenovo%20tablet&cp=1&lp=3.
1st off I have a 3DR IRIS & it comes with a usb android cable seen here with the blue connector: http://s3.amazonaws.com/3dr.production/979/zoom/Telemetry_store.jpg?1393193698 All I can say is that i powered the tablet on/off & changed the blue end of the usb connecor from the 3DR radio to the tablet. Another factor could have been that because it was brand new it was busy updating all the apps because when I powered it back up it had update 12 apps. Whatever the problem was it now now works so the obstacle now is to learn how to use it, :smiley:

Arthur hello, i need your help please. I tried too root my a5500f via insecured boot.img, but the bootloader is locked, and there is now way for me to unlock it. I even wen’t further by flashing lk from a5500h and now i get “lk image incorect, restarting in 10 seconds”. Can you please help me by dumping the images so i can repair it? If yes, i made a how-to here forum.xda-developers.com/general … p-t2824257 . Thank you

Always flash a custom recovery and do a nandroid backup before you attempt to flash a new rom.

Can you enter recovery mode?

There is no custom recovery, or ability to unlock the bl to do so. And i did a full flash from a5500h, when i discovered that preloader does signature checks on the lk… Now i need full dump from he a5500f to fix the problem