Left motors Dead in my skid

Hi all,

Today I was testing my rover, I’m using sabertooth 32 and 4 pololu 12v motors. After some tests, the left motors did not work. Now I’m doing some test and I confirmed the left motors are dead.
The sabertooth is limited to 12v out, any idea why these motors are dead?

Thank’s for your help


How did you limit the voltage? I can only find a current limiting feature for the Sabertooth32x2.
Even with the correct voltage, you can still overload the motors, for example if the motors are stalled and you keep them under power, the brushes will burn away. Did you set a current limit?

Hi Sebastian,

I put a limit of 12v as show in the images attached

Did you see anything wrong?

Thank’s in advance

You did not limit the voltage on the Motor Outputs M1 and M2, but on the two seperate Power Outputs P1 and P2. You also did not limit the current output according to the motor specs, but left it at 64A. You did not say which Pololu motors you used, but their biggest are 25D motors and they have a stall current of only 5.6A at 12V.

Hi Sebastian,
The motor limits are:

I’m going to setup the output like this:

I think now will be ok, no?

Thank’s I know about AI, but no a lot about electronics


You have to enter an actual current value in the line where it says 64A. The slider is to adjust the current reading filtering. This will influence how strict the Sabertooth will limit the current.

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ooooooki doki! undestood!! thank you very much :slight_smile:

But do not forget the voltage! What lipo do you use? You can try to limit the voltage that is going to the motors by adjusting the min/max PWM values in the Describe software.


I limit the input voltage to 12 and also for output motors