Left Aileron do not respond in FBWA mode

I really do not understand what is happening to my delta wing .

This morning after take off the plane was turning left by itself in FBWA and was very difficult to control. After reboot another flight, after take off , worst than before and crash.

In Manual , Auto, RTL modes , left and right ailerons are working properly while in FBWA mode only right aileron works, left aileron do not move.

In Mission Planner , radio setup, the roll channel works as usual in both directions.

Finally I notice that moving the throttle up, the ailerons are moving ! ?

Will you be more specific about what tests you did, and what behavior you observed? It might also help to post your log, so we can see your parameter values.

Hi hunt0r,
I found out that the problem was related to radio calibration .

After a new radio calibration everything works again as before.

Never happened before with any Pixhawk , APM in 5 years .

Radio Taranis Plus , receiver Frsky XSR.