LEDs on Aux pins to reflect status

I saw it somewhere but can’t find it any more… Is there a way to output status (like GPS, mode and such) via single color LEDs connected to AUX port on Pixhawk? I am rebuilding an old quad and they have this really bright LEDs (RGB, with 3 separate channels for colors) on a power distribution board. there used to be a variant of APM 2.6 onboard that I’m scrapping but want to keep functionality.

Edit: I found older APM boards had ABC lights on them, so I wanted those with Pixhawk essentially.

You need something like this

They are fairly visible from distance and gives you the USB port easily accessible.
There’s a million cheap brands/copies/variations out there.

No, I don’t. I have those. I need to do it the old school way in this case.

You could try a neopixel led. There is no single color led implementation as far as I know.

The quad I have already incorporated 2 ridiculously bright RGB LEDs in the power distribution board that were originally controlled by APM mini in a way similar to old ABC lights on APM2.6. I want to re-use it, not add extra.

The only status indicators I have seen is the ones connected to the I2C port and show if the unit is ready. IE if GPS has a lock in Position hold mode or flashes orange if there is an arming issues.


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