LEDs - how to configure Hexsoon EDU-450

I’m about to build my second “V2” version of the Hexsoon EDU-450.

On my first one, I didn’t bother with the LED’s that were supplied with the kit.

On this one, I’m going to use the CubePilot carrier board for the EDU-450 - and I thought I’d go ahead and use the LED’s. The carrier board has the GH connectors installed for these lights. I assume they are powered by the built in power distribution. I’m not exactly sure how they are switched/configured - or if they even need to be.

I recall several people using them successfully in the past - and I think I recall something about a LUA script being involved.

To do my research, I though I’d put AI to work - so I asked Microsoft Co-Pilot.

Co-Pilot suggests that all that’s required is setting the BRD_PWM_COUNT parameter to 6 - but this parameter doesn’t appear on the ArduPilot parameter list.

At the risk of seeming lazy, would someone please offer a link to the proper setup for these LEDs?

I’m not interested in any fancy colors or blinking - just standard illumination.

Also - I’m curious about which ports control the LED function. The Co-Pilot dialog suggests its the AUX ports - but it’s response isn’t confidence inspiring.

Thanks you!

GPT models are absolutely awful at specific, technical topics, and you got half-assed advice there.

BRD_PWM_COUNT is deprecated. You can safely ignore that parameter.

There’s really no such thing as “standard illumination.”

Here’s the ArduPilot applet script that will make them light up, along with some brief instructions:

Thanks Yuri - this is really helpful!

I’ve actually had some pretty good luck with Co-Pilot on looking up quick “how to’s” on Linux and Metashape. I was less optimistic with Ardupilot - but I thought it was worth a shot in the dark.

As in most things “your mileage may vary” - so your point is well taken.

Do you know if it’s possible to illuminate these lights without a LUA script?

By “standard” I meant just to have them turned on.

Once again - I appreciate your help!


And here:

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I remember reading these wiki pages.

Those wiki docs talk about using CAN and I2C connections - but the few references I’ve seen for these lights talk about using AUX port.

I know lots of folks have used these things - I was just hoping I could make them work by setting a few parameters.

The ProfiLED gizmo is interesting - but I doubt I’ll ever go that route. But you never know…

The ones specific to ProfiLED discuss using aux outputs (the same as the script). You just change a couple of parameters to use them as “NTF” devices instead of scripted. It’s all there in those links.

Ok, I guess they don’t specifically say “aux” - but on the Cube Orange, you need to use the aux outputs, which are referenced generically as servo pins in the wiki.

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