Ledder One Lidar FW 3.4.6 Bad LIDAR Health

I do have default Ladder one parameters. ArduCopter FW 3.4.6
But everytime i go higher than 40m i get the message Bad Lidar Health
RNGFND_MAX_CM = 4000 (40m) is also the max range i have.

The same happend with Lidar lite v2 FW 3.4.2

Rangefinder message disappearing under 40m and gives accurate readings.

Where are you getting that error?

I believe that’s the sensor limit. I never got more than about 30-35m.
I think I’d get that error too when I reached that height.

Why should it show me the error entire flight when it should be software limitation only. Primary height sensor is still baro.
MP is showing me the Bad Lidar Health.

I don’t have problems with SW10 rangefinder. and FW3.4.2

Hi Margus,

That’s the standard behavior, when Lidar is out of range we report it as unhealthy. MP is then showing a message.

I have been testing the LidarOne and am confused about rangefinder behavior. I’m not sure of the cause of uncontrollable altitude climb once the rangefinder reaches a certain height. Will the barometer take over or did I set some parameter that overrides the ability for the barometer to do that (got the bad lidar warning - assume it is the 40M limit)? Just doesn’t seem to behave well at all or even predictable if we follow all recommended settings. I have attached a copy of the log if anyone wants to take a peak…would be appreciated. Thanks.
19.BIN (3.4 MB)