LED Mode Clarification

Hi All,

Having searched through this and other forums, I’m still unclear on the functions of A4-A11. So here goes my first post…

Could someone clarify the function of the external LED/outputs A4-A11?

I think I understand some of these. By using the correct mask in LED_MODE A5 can be used to indicate a low battery condition and A6 will indicate the GPS lock. Also we can use the LED_MODE mask to blink either or both the GPS and Motor LEDs when a way point is reached in Auto mode. However, I’m not clear on the function of A4 Aux and A7-A11 Motor LEDs.

Further I see we can change the Low Battery Flash to slow/fast (or oscillate), but not disable it. Which output would this setting affect? My assumption would be just the Motor LEDs, but it could be all of them.



This link might help you: http://planner.ardupilot.com/wiki/analog-and-digital-pins-for-apm2-px4-and-pixhawk/

Thanks for the quick response TCIII, but that link did not help.

I should have mentioned that I found some information at the links below, but they don’t explain what the Motor LEDs do or which LEDs would fast flash or oscillate when the battery gets low.


diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/add … rm-and-gps

Thanks again.