Learning mode for non-standard propulsion - marine waterjets

I’m new to Ardupilot.
Does Ardupilot have a learning mode for new forms of propulsion?
For example, if I have a model boat that uses water jets for propulsion and positioning, could I use Ardupilot and allow it to “learn” how to control the waterjets to steer the boat or to hold it in position (dynamic positioning) on water?

There aren’t any modes to learn new forms of propulsion. That being said, as far as manoeuvring and position control is concerned ArduPilot doesn’t actually care what is generating the thrust. It only needs to know what configuration they are in. If you want a new configuration that is not already supported then a new motor mixer is required.

So the water jets you are talking about may already be supported. It just depends on what signal they need for ardupilot to talk to them.

For this application the waterjets would be 12v dc bilge pumps. The water craft hull would be a rectangle and there would be 4 pumps - two pumps on each side. The pumps would have three states - off, forward (+ 12v), and backwards (-12v). The pumps would be controlled by relays that are capable of reversing voltage. How do I determine if this setup would be supported by Ardupilot or if a new motor mixer setup is required?

Why not use brushed ESCs? This would give you speed control, and it probably would be easier to setup as well…

Look here is how. Page dpwn to Omni Vehicles.

And using brushed ESC’s as Vabe suggests would be the way to go. You will have poor control with Fwd/Reverse switching. I use brushed ESC’s sold for RC Trucks on my Rovers, they work well, are waterproof and relatively inexpensive.;

Interesting. Then I could use the “Omni Plus” configuration. Thx

Hi. Im new here and i don’t know if i address my question to the right forum room.
I just bought a 3DR X8 i put everything together but the POWER BOARD DISTRIBUTION because i hadn’t the manual for the electronic part. I’ll attach a pic to show and ask how the wires goes. The white faces up or down. Thx in advanced