Learn Mission Planner in 1 day?

Mission Planner is good enough for drone mission planning and flight control, but it is too powerful and complicated for those new pilots to the UAV operation. YANGDA LAUNCH ground control software is developed based on ArduPilot Mission Planner. Its targeted users are beginner pilots with few or no flight experiences for drones, especially VTOL fixed-wing drones, and LAUNCH drone GCS is created to solve this problem.

Optimized drone “Status” and onboard flight data
Visualized drone status bar and onboard flight data can help the pilot obtain needed flight information in the shortest time, helpful in emergencies.

Simplified drone “Actions”
Compared to complex drone action options in Mission Planner, LAUNCH drone GCS offers the most important and frequently-used drone actions, allowing the pilot to choose the best operation for the drone, especially when abnormalities happen to the drone.

Intelligent alarm scheme
LAUNCH drone control software converts various alarms into intelligent and easy-to-understand alarm systems, guiding the pilot to complete the drone configuration.

Auto route planning
Route planning on Mission Planner is a challenge to beginners especially drawing a route for a fixed-wing VTOL drone, whether for surveillance or mapping. LAUNCH GCS makes this procedure as easy as playing a flight video game by applying “Auto route” feature.

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It seems to be for Windows(only)?

Hi Andre-K, currently yes.

Just out of interest is it a fork of Mission Planner or completely design from scratch to look like a more friendly version of Mission Planner?