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Lawn Care with AI - Worlds first all in one solution

I am designing an Autonomous Post Grass cutting lawn maintenance system.

The system will have following features:

  1. 6 hours of drive time with a wall mount charging system.
  2. Ardupilot based controller system with a vision sensor to identify different weed types and controlled herbicide spray in a controlled manner using a small companion computer for AI.
  3. Fertilizer Spray.
  4. It will perform Arretaing the lawn bed.
  5. Over Seeding the lawn.
  6. Obstruction and Tree/Bushes avoidence system.

Over all Goal, All in One solution and completely autonomous once waypoints are laid out inside MP based on your landscape. I will use 12V linear actuators to move attachments based on mode/task selection.

Main Design Challenges:

  1. keeping the material and parts cost under $1000 dollars or max $1500

  2. The other challenge was to a find a heavy duty 12V drive system that can handle lawn terrains.

  3. Push Ardupilot capabilities to its max limits.

For fertilizer and pesticides spray, found this baby. It can also be used for Herbicide and Fertilizer spray.

For seed spraying, I already have a 12V sprayer designed for HexaCoppters. Same can be easily used inside this system initially and then will consider a bigger design for larger seeding areas.

The tricky part is going to be the Arretator system. The traditional aerator systems are either pulled using an ATV type device β€œor” self propelled machines.I was thinking of using solenoid with push rods to dig holes in the ground at fast speed (one at time to save the current draw) and are assembled in a matrix format :slight_smile: Just an idea.

Above is a start of a concept. I will start posting pics as the systems starts to get assembled early next week.

Future features:

a) I will use it to make court lines for my Backyard tennis court, or can be used spray any type of court lines.

b) Also going to provide an attachment for mosquito fogger.

Any suggestions or comments are highly welcomed!.

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