Launching New Arduboat Project Next Week!


So folks here it is my new ASV built from scratch!

Launching next week…

Length: 5 meters
Beam: 1 meter
Draft: 55 cm
Weight: 220 kg
Hull: Monohull - Honeycomb Sheet with Fibreglass & Epoxy
Design: 8 watertight compartments all filled with foam and sealed
Solar Charger: 2 x 30A MPPT SOLAR CONTROLER
ESC: 4 x ESC
2 x T100 Blue Robotics Thrusters (PORT / STBD)
Rudder: None – Skid Steer
*All systems are split into two completely separate systems for redundancy.

AutoPilot: 1 x Pixhawk running ArduRover Software (Config files are attached)

Comms: MAVLink serial connection to Raspberry PI with Rock Block Satellite Modem running SPL Radio Room with ISBD satellite connection to Shadow SPL Ground Control AWS Server for control with QGroundControl Software via TCP. (Report Period 60 min)
Camera: Time-lapse camera running on a two second interval attached in mast box –
Raspberry PI with 1080p Webcam running MOTION software with 256GB USB DRIVE
GPS Tracker: 1. SPOT TRACE SATELLITE TRACKER. (5 Minute Interval)
2. SPL Tracks Tracking via AWS Server using Satellite Comms Status Report.

Design Notes:

  1. AutoPilot, Comms, Camera & GPS Tracker are all directly linked to both battery banks with isolating diodes only ESCs & Motors are powered through Solar Chargers.
  2. Each redundant system (Solar, Batts, Solar Charger) is linked to 1x big motor (Port) & 1x Small motor (STBD) for redundant steering ability.
  3. All motors are housed in a tube with an array of intake holes cut out to minimise propeller fouling and avoid impact damage to the propellers.
  4. All electronic components are in a waterproof box, inside another waterproof box to minimise any water damage to sensitive parts.
  5. All power connections are covered in silicone sealant to prevent corrosion.
  6. Antifoul paint has been applied to prevent marine growth on the hull.
  7. Motors are configured with No Reverse Function and limited to 1600 PWN Output.
  8. Autopilot INITIAL_MODE is Auto, and all failsafes have been removed. (View .param file for more information on Autopilot settings)
  9. Mission has been plotted staying well away from all major land, taking advantage of some currents & following all the normal rules of a round the world journey. (Crossing the equator in two oceans, Visit Antipole, Distance etc.)
  10. Boat has been designed to survive a roll over and minor impact damage.

I will post some pics later this week once I have finished the paint job…
I will be testing for 2 days on the water to tune the steering parameters next week and then she is off across the ocean until death or mission complete!

What have I missed folks?

Please, I am happy for all design, tuning and testing input!

Thanks, Adam

Configuration and Mission Files:

Or more importantly,

What part do you think will break first?


what about adding a 4g modem with a worldwide simcard to dump data if it gets close to land since satelite is very expensive.

hello adam, I see that you have not written for a long time, I am developing a very similar project, I would like to know how it was, if you achieved your goal.