Latest MP/FW...PID options locked out

So I am on the latest (stable) MissionPlanner and AP Firmware. Mt PID options are greyed out and I cannot alter them :frowning: Also (not sure if it’s related) as I am using a Bicopter frame the MissionPlanner option sets keep randomly flipping from the option sets from plane and copter seemingly at random O_o

Total guess on my part. Bicopter in ArduCopter isn’t right. Or at least now it’s not. MP problem or Arducopter, don’t know. If you try from ArduPlane, set Q_ENABLE to 1 and then Q_FRAME_CLASS to 10 (single/dual) then all is enabled. But I could be full of shit too.

I think you have to like pain to build a single/bicopter :grinning: Or a Balance Bot…

Maybe, but they are definitely cool