Latest MP build problems with units not calculating right

I am having an issue in the latest mp build when setting in planner menu the distance units to feet, alt units to feet and speed to mph. For example when I create a take off from home at an altitude of 0 then to waypoint #1 at a relative altitude of 200ft at a distance of 2000 feet I should get a grad% of about 10%. However grad% and angle do not calculate correctly. What It shows is a grad % of 3.0%? it seems as though its still using the distance ftom waypoint as meters (2000 meters equals about 6561 feet.) Rise over run 200÷6561 x 100 gets me 3%. What am I doing wrong? I’ve never had this problems in previous builds? Or am I completely off base here? Any help would be appreciated

Just report it as an issue to the MP code