Latest long-endurance hydrogen fuel cell drone

Any one intersted in Environment-friendly hydrogen drone?

Model: Four-rotor

Wheelbase: 1060mm

Rack weight: 3.95kg

No-load weight: 7.25kg

Maximum load: 1kg

Maximum takeoff weight: 8.25kg

No-load maximum life time: 110min

Maximum load life time: 80min

Power: 800W hydrogen fuel metal stack + 1050mAh lithium battery

Maximum cruising speed: 10m/s

Maximum climb speed: 2m/s

Wind resistance level: Level 5

Any comment or features we can discuss here.

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What motor/prop combo do you plan to use ? 800W for 8.25Kg weight with 4 motors seems barely enough for hoovering.

As @Eosbandi points out about power, our machines are that weight and require around 1100W at hover.
800W would be insufficient to hover.

An adequate power system would need to supply 1200W to 1500W to be considered useful.